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Purchase an autographed copy of Mr. Koenig’s award-winning book, "Getting the Truth" by clicking "BOOKSTORE" above. There is no extra charge and the shipping is free.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements/Author Signings

January 12, 2017  Featured speaker at Chicago's CRO Roundtable, Wheaton, IL

February 21, 2017  Featured speaker at Grand Rapids Lions Club, 1130, University Club, Grand Rapids, MI

February 23, 2017  Speaker Ethics and Getting the Truth, West Michigan IIA and Certified Fraud Examiner seminar, Davenport University, Grand Rapids, MI.

April 21, 2017 Speaker on Getting the Truth for the Michigan NALS (National Association of Legal Professionals) Annual Convention at the Hilton Doubletree, 28th St., Grand Rapids.

September 12, 2017 Speaking on Getting the Truth at the Internal Auditor's Association 2017 Environmental, Health an Safety Exchange Conference at the Hyatt Regency, St. Louis, MO.

September 25, 2017 Speaking on Getting the Truth at the ACUA (Association of College and University Auditors' Association) Annual Convention in Phoenix, AZ.  ACUA  FB

October 29 - Nov. 1, 2017 Speaking at the Institute of Internal Audidors' (IIA) 2017 All-Star Conference (Highest Rated Presenters) at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV 

November 14, 2017 Speaking at Maner Costerisan's Solution's Conference, Lansing Michigan at the Lansing Center at 1:00 PM.

Joe Koenig is available to speak on the principles in his book to all schools, groups and associations. He has given talks to the Association of College and University Auditors (ACUA), Intitute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Michigan CPA's, NALS (the association for legal professionals), West Michigan Internal Auditors; Lansing area Certified Fraud Examiners; Grand Rapids Rotary Club; West Michigan Association of Finance Professionals; the Houston area CPA Association; Association of College & University Auditors; Grand Valley State University Graduate Class in Forensic Accounting; West Michigan Council of Women Realtors; and many other groups. He can tailor his speech from 20 minutes to 2 hours to 8 hours. Call him at 616 366-5856 for further information.

stonehengeOne of the main principles in "Getting the Truth" is based on the premise that people don’t tell complete lies. A complete lie is saying, "I didn't do it," when everybody knows what "it" is and the teller actually did "it." People avoid telling complete lies by telling partial-truths. There is always a modicum of truth in a lie. Partial-truths leave tracks. 

Attendees will learn that “I did not do it,” is not the same, as “I didn’t do it.” They will learn about “Alvin - the parking lot attendant,” what Joe calls “artillery,” word selection, inflections, pitch, and pace and how all those tools are used to conceal the truth. They will also learn about how to construct - sculpt - questions to promote getting the truth. They will learn how to ask the right questions, at the right time, in the right way.

"Getting the Truth's" principles powerfully enable you to make better decisions, whether those decisions are in selecting the right employee, purchasing a business or asset, making investments – everything wherein you rely on what is written or spoken. The audience will understand what a partial truth is, what an omission is, and what a partial lie is – and ultimately, what the truth is.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“Tremendous Speaker! Joe's background, knowledge and application of his skills makes for a fascinating presentation. My entire club was impressed and entertained. I would highly recommend Joe as a speaker for your organization.”
    John Rice Grand Rapids Lions Club December 16, 2011

“Joe recently gave a presentation to the Kenowa AMBUCS, and it was one of the most interesting presentations I've ever seen. I've known Joe prior to this presentation, but didn't know the depth of his experience. Hearing about his accomplishments and previous work record would have been interesting enough. However, Joe also gave some very interesting examples about how he meticulously performs his work. This information was very helpful to the several business owners and managers, and gave us all things to look for with our employees. A fellow AMBUC board member mentioned that he was the most interesting bi-weekly speaker we've had in a long time!”
    Jason Minier, Owner, Georgetown Stars Pro Shop (business partner) December 17, 2011

KMI Investigations is a fantastic resource for business owners.  The Hudsonville Area Chamber of Commerce was given the great opportunity to hear from Joe Koenig at one of the Chamber luncheons.  The business owners in attendance were all very engaged with the topic and we received numerous compliments on our programming as a result of his knowledgeable and enlightening presentation.  We would recommend Joe and KMI Investigations in a heartbeat.
    Michelle Fare, Executive Director, Hudsonville Area Chamber of Commerce  (presentation on 5/17/12)

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