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“Joe Koenig remains one of the most accomplished investigators the Michigan State Police has ever had in its ranks. This is a complicated news story dating back to November 24, 1971. Joe Koenig spent considerable time traveling throughout the country, interviewing those who knew Walt Reca. I believe that Joe, with extensive and meticulous work, has without question identified Walt Reca as D. B. Cooper.”

Col. R. T. Davis, Retired Director, Michigan State Police




“Joe Koenig has done a masterful job in objectively marshaling the evidence and applying forensic language analysis to the recorded conversations of Walt Reca. I am left with the firm conviction that there is probable cause to believe that Walt Reca is D.B. Cooper. The FBI would be remiss if it did not re-open its case to apply Mr. Koenig’s findings to the evidence known to the Bureau.”

Carl Marlinga, Former Macomb County (Michigan) Prosecuting Attorney




Endorsement from the late, great L. Brooks Patterson

“In meticulous detail Joe Koenig traces every step of Reca, a.k.a Cooper’s life and career, and pieces together a compelling case that Walt Reca is indeed the infamous hijacker D. B. Cooper. If I were still the Prosecuting Attorney in Oakland County and this hijacking occurred within my jurisdiction, based on the investigative work of Joe Koenig, l would charge Walt Reca with the hijacking of the Northwest Orient Flight 305 on November 24, 1971.”

L. Brooks Patterson—Former Prosecuting Attorney for Oakland County and current Oakland County Executive



Truth Matters

"The truth is a hurricane behind me."

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