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Kristin Austin of Mlive on 12/18/2014 featured Joe Koenig's book, "Getting the Truth."

GRANDVILLE – A retired Michigan State Police investigator who was once the lead investigator on the Jimmy Hoffa case has written a book on how to decipher the truth.

Joe Koenig, who now works as a private investigator in Grandville, has written the new book, "Getting the Truth," featuring analysis of written statements from high-profile crimes such as the ransom note from the Jon Benet Ramsey case, O.J. Simpson's statement to Los Angeles Police Department detectives, and Woody Allen's response to Dylan Farrow's sexual molestation allegations.

Grand Rapids-based Principia Media LLC published the 208-page book.

"It's harder to tell a lie than to tell the truth," Koenig said. "So, to make it easier we tell partial truths. Fortunately, partial truths leave tracks. This book shows you how to identify and follow those tracks to get the truth, the deception—the real message."

Koenig said his book is geared toward business owners and professionals but also can be useful for parents and others who are interested in distinguishing the truth from deception.

Koenig served in the Michigan State Police for 26 years and was the lead investigator on the disappearance of Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa in 1975. He has investigated crimes ranging from homicides to financial crimes to public corruption. He has served as president of the Michigan FBI National Academy Associates, is a certified fraud examiner, and has a bachelor's degree in accounting from Wayne State University and a master's degree in public administration from Eastern Michigan University.

He has 45 years of investigative experience and operates KMI Investigations LLC, Suite 122, 4370 Chicago Drive in Grandville.

"Getting the Truth" is available for purchase on Amazon.


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