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Book Video Trailer

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Please watch, then share my 2 minute book video trailer.

This two minute video is the book trailer for “ Getting the Truth" by Joe Koenig. Did you know it is harder to lie than to tell the truth? Yet every day people lie. To get the truth you need to ask the right questions, with each question sculpted in the right way, and asked at the right time. What if they had asked O.J. Simpson the right questions? Getting the Truth requires not contaminating the evidence. What if the Ramsey’s had been separated from each other before questioning and kept from contaminating the crime scene? Getting the truth is being able to discern truth from deception. What if the authorities had recognized Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme earlier? Getting the truth is also about pronouns and the difference between a “love you" and an "I love you." Learn the intricacies of Getting the Truth. You can purchase Mr. Koenig's book, Getting the Truth by clicking "BOOKSTORE" above.

Radio Interview on WRHC-LP & WSJM-FM Three Oaks-St. Joseph


I just completed a one hour interview on “With Respect” with John Smietanka, the former US Attorney for West Michigan and radio talk show host on WRHC-LP in Three Oaks. The program will air on WRHC-LP (106.7) next Thursday and Sunday (4/23 & 2/26/2015) at 10 AM and 11 AM, respectively. Streaming Live Audio from WRHC-LP

My interview will also air next Saturday (4/25/2015) on WSJM-FM (94.9 in St. Joseph, MI) at 6:00 PM.  Streaming Audio from WSJM-FM

Book Review by PI Magazine

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Great book review of "Getting the Truth" by the editor of PI Magazine​, Grace Elting Castle, in PI Magazine's March 2015 issue.  Her review ended with:

"But, my truth is, also, that I recommend this book for every PI, no matter your level of experience, or how great you believe you are at
interviewing or interrogating. It will make you think, squirm, question your past interviews and interrogations, and likely lead you to reconsider what you thought you knew about his case examples. It probably will also cause you to recommend it to others---especially those you send out from your own office to seek the truth."    

You can purchase Mr. Koenig's book, Getting the Truth by clicking "BOOKSTORE" above.

Getting the Truth

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From the book, "Getting the Truth"

"Like water seeking its own level, the body relieves itself of stress, seeking calmness.  The greatest stress reliever known to man is truth-telling. It's a relief valve, a bloodletting, a purging. Nature demands it in order to begin the rebuilding process." You can purchase Mr. Koenig's book, Getting the Truth by clicking "BOOKSTORE" above. 

".. unlocking the secrets of communication." - buy Mr. Koenig's autographed books at BOOKSTORE.

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