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False Confessions

Recent studies of over 125 DNA evidence cases leading to exoneration:

25% of overturned wrongful convictions involved false confessions.

33% of those false confessions were juveniles, a disproportionate percentage.

84% of false confessions occurred after 6 hours of interrogation.

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Another Great Endorsement

“Joe Koenig’s meticulous assessment of the case against or for Walt Reca as D.B. Cooper is objective, deep and highly persuasive. It should be a model for writers of critical analyses of other cases yet to be offered of other mysteries. Precious few of the tens of thousands of police reports I have reviewed as federal and state prosecutor match this work.”


John Smietanka, Former US Attorney and Principal Associate Deputy US Attorney General


Book Getting the TruthFinal

Retired Beaverton OR Chief David Bishop on D/B Cooper Book

“Joe Koenig provides a compelling case that Walt Reca is D.B. Cooper. It’s as if the reader is sitting in a courtroom experiencing a prosecutor building a step by step case, presenting relevant facts.”

David G. Bishop, Retired Chief of Police, Beaverton, Oregon

Book Getting the TruthFinal

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