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FBI Speech


I’m looking forward to my speech on Forensic Linguistics (“Understanding Communication”) at the 2023 FBI National Academy Annual Conference in Denver, CO. 



Words Reveal Intent

Words reveal intent.

Watch for the subtleties, the rays of truth, and the shadows of evil. 



A Wonderful Endorsement in LinkedIn from Investigator Matt Love


Matt Love LinkedIn

Matt "M" Love

We are living in very deceptive times. 

As investigators our role should be centered on "Getting The Truth."

That is not always easy, but there are clues, both obvious and subtle. 

Body language, verbal language, and written language are three sources for discovering many clues.

Joe Koenig, Forensic Linguist, Author, CFE is a Forensic Linguist. He has written and taught extensively on the field of forensic linguistics. 

I've known Joe by reputation for about a year, but recently had the opportunity to use his assistance on a case. 

Joe was objective, scientific, and professional. His assistance was valuable to our case. 

As one investigator put it when I asked him about Joe: "Joe is the man." Yes, he is. 

Joe's magic is strong. Well, it's actually science, but, if you don't understand the science, it sure does look like magic. 🔎 

Check out Joe's book. And if you are looking for a reliable and reputable Forensic Linguist give him a call. I have seen him pull rabbits out of hats while floating six feet above the ground. 

Thanks, Joe. 

Yours truly,

Importance of Interviews


A poorly conducted interview can be worse than worthless. One word, if unwittingly relied upon, could cause the unraveling of the whole project, causing the team to go down a rabbit hole, spending precious time going in the wrong direction, or worse, causing the team to arrive at the wrong conclusion.


Once a poor interview is conducted and discovered, the whole project needs to be reset to ensure the existing foundation is reliable and firm. And to make sure future interviews are undertaken appropriately. Go slow, then fast - not fast, then slow.




".. unlocking the secrets of communication." - buy Mr. Koenig's autographed books at BOOKSTORE.

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