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The Liar

"Those who lie, live in collapsing rooms. Truth's force is inexorable."  #AuthorJoeKoenig





".. the best of my recollection .."

Answers with ".. best of my recollection," are evasive - not necessarily deceptive. We need to look closely at answers that contain that phrase and drill deeper to find the complete truth. #GettingtheTruth is hard.



My Annual Thanksgiving Prayer


My Annual Thanksgiving Prayer


In the blink of an eye, 

Life moves us from 

Bliss to Sorrow,

Give to Borrow.



Delivering us to another place, 

To another destination,

From another space.


Requiring us

To reflect;

To sense what we haven’t sensed before;

To absorb what is around us.


Resulting in 

Seeing through things, 

Around things,

Inside things.



Our real worth,

What we’re made of,

And what we’ve become.


All the pieces are here, 

Our family’s fabric 

Sewn together, 

Sinewy and strong.


New and old blended together. 

Year in year out, life gets better.


Author Joe Koenig “Getting the Truth”



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