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Endorsement for I am D.B. Cooper

Joe Koenig once again demonstrates his passion for acquiring the truth. His diligent search for what’s true through thorough investigation has identified the infamous criminal legend D.B. Cooper to be the real life Walt Reca.”

Jim C. Esposito, Retired, Special Agent in Charge, FBI.



False Confessions - Contamination

Contamination is the root cause of false confessions. Confessions/admissions should be independently verifiable by eliciting information from the offender that only the offender would know. Questions contaminate responses. The questioner's response to answers contaminates responses. So, questions have to be carefully constructed and all possible sources of contamination need to be minimized. Careful selection of the interview room; the number of people in the interview; making sure only one person conducts all interviews; careful construction of questions; using only mutually understood words in the questions are a few examples.

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False Confessions

Recent studies of over 125 DNA evidence cases leading to exoneration:

25% of overturned wrongful convictions involved false confessions.

33% of those false confessions were juveniles, a disproportionate percentage.

84% of false confessions occurred after 6 hours of interrogation.

getting the truth



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